Drive way, Deck, Patio, Privacy Fence Stain / Seal Coatings

Painting is not the only service we offer.  Let us come out and improve your outdoor environments with stains and protectants.  We can work on your drive way, deck, patio or privacy fence to protect it from the elements and also add a bit of luxury to your property.  Your fence and patios are going to be seen by everyone so make sure you hire the right experts to keep them looking brand new.

Full Interior & Exterior Painting

Our services cover the inside and outside of your home or business. We can cover a wide array of interior/exterior commercial projects including, lobbies, offices, restaurants, health care, schools and more. We can also give a fresh new look to your living room, dining area, bedrooms, any interior space and also your home exteriors. Inside or outside, you can be assured that our team of licensed painters is going to treat your home or office with the same respect you do and provide quality work.

Free Estimates

If you are looking for high-quality residential or commercial painting services, interior or exterior, call us today for a free estimate. Part of our goal of providing superior customer service is giving you an idea of the costs related to your project free of charge. Tell us about your home or business needs and we can provide you with an estimation on site of the costs, based on labor, materials and project size.

Quick Personal Response

When you choose Sharpton Painting for your commercial or residential painting needs we will send a representative out to your location and begin assessing your project right away. Our goal is to get the job done right the first time and completed in a timely manner. The appearance of your home or business is important to you and it is our goal to gain your business and provide you with the best services.

Licensed & Insured Specialists

All of our employees are licensed and insured specialists. This means we care a lot about the work and quality that is going into each job by making sure the people working on your home and business are fully qualified. Each of our employees brings with them years of experience and the excellent customer service attitude that is a large part of the Sharpton reputation.

Residential & Commercial Services

We offer painting services for commercial and residential properties.  Our services are priced depending on your projects size, labor and materials and we offer discounts to help fit your budget.

Full Service Pressure Washing

In addition to painting, Sharpton offers pressure washing services for residential and businesses properties. We can take years of grime and build up off of your building’s exterior, fence, patio or driveway to reveal its original colors. We also always power wash your exterior prior to repaint, as part of the list of prep work to ensure a clean working surface.

Drywall Repair

Holes or cracks in your drywall? Water damage? Call Sharpton Painting today and let us handle any cosmetic repairs to your home or commercial property’s drywall. Our experts will do it right the first time.

Wallpaper Removal

When done incorrectly wallpaper removal can cause even more damage to your walls resulting in greater costs. We have the right tools and experience to completely remove all traces of ruined or outdated wallpaper from your walls.

Drive way, Deck, Patio, Privacy Fence Stain/Seal Coatings

Painting is not the only service we offer. Let us come out and improve your outdoor environments with stains and protectants. We can work on your driveway, deck, patio or privacy fence to protect it from the elements and also add a bit of luxury to your property.

Full Service Wood Repair

Rot happens even to the best of houses. All it takes is wood, water, and warmth and before you know it, solid lumber turns to mush. Exterior trim is the most vulnerable to attack by rot fungi and it doesn’t have to be very old. The weather over time stresses building materials to create ideal conditions for dry/wet rot development. Whatever your wood repair needs, Sharpton Painting can handle the job.

We at Sharpton Painting DO NOT use sub-contractors to complete projects for our clients. All of our employees work for us full-time and are paid on an hourly basis. When a client chooses us for their project they receive personal communication and customer service directly from our owner, Kevin Sharpton. To guarantee high levels of customer satisfaction Kevin oversees each element of a project from start to finish, making certain employees are focused on completing jobs in the traditional Sharpton Painting way. We promise your project will be handled with care by experienced, professional, prompt and reliable service men & woman – happy hourly team members and essential parts of the Sharpton Painting family.

Investing in your home is a big deal. Choosing the correct Painting Contractor is a bigger deal. Sharpton Painting has serviced middle TN consumers for 18 long years. We have the experience you need and the trust you MUST have. Sharpton Painting provides the best warranty on the market for exterior repaints and we take each job very seriously. The owner – Kevin Sharpton, is on each job throughout the project and each client matters. “If we want to stay the most successful painting company in Middle TN, I realize all clients both new and old must be and remain satisfied” – says Owner Kevin Sharpton.