Sharpton Painting - What to trust when shopping for a Service Company?

Nashville Painters - Sharpton Painting, provides tips to consumers. Consider the following when shopping for ANY service company...


1)      Length of business success.

Generally speaking, a business will not survive or thrive without treating their clients fair and honest. When choosing any service company, look for those who have 8 years or more of business success. This will provide you with a tried and tested company from the hundreds or thousands of previous clients who has used them and that the company withstood the test of time. We have proudly serviced Middle TN for 15 years.

2)      Live reviews.

Online reviews are semi helpful, but do not translate into the most reliable referral. Requesting referrals from a service company is the most accurate referral system, generally 3 of similar and recent projects. This system has been used before the days of internet and is tried / tested and proven. Please feel free to ask us for 1 – 3 referrals of recently completed projects.  

3)      Reviews on company website?

This is NOT something we do, although we have good reviews on the internet, we find it to be discourteous and frankly insulting to the consumer to post reviews on our website. Any service company will “cherry pick” reviews to be posted to their website and obviously companies with “reviews” or “testimonials” on their website, will be nothing but over the top great reviews. We believe in being honest and providing live reviews as mentioned in number 2, as the best and most honest way to provide our clients reviews.

4)      Better Business Bureau.

Of all the websites and entities claiming to be the most reliant and provide the best accreditation or reviews. The better Business Bureau holds strict regulations for members to abide by and their rating counts. We hold an A+ rating with this Bureau and have been an accredited business for many years. An A+ rating is the best rating a company can get and should be what you are looking for when seeking a service company.

5)      Overall professionalism.

As part of number 1, a company in business for 8 years or more should have a good system that provides you with professionalism and attentiveness. We have a great reputation on providing our clients with a custom made system that allows us to be focused on just you and your project, start to finish of your job.

So these are the 5 top concerns you should have when shopping for a service company to preform work in or at your home. Follow these steps and this will help guarantee your experience will be a good one. 







Sharpton Painting - Voted 2014 Best Painters of Nashville. 15 years in Business and over 4,500 clients serviced in Nashville and Middle TN. Our 15th year in business and we are now servicing 3 clients per day. Thank you.

Investing into your home is a big deal. Choosing the correct Painting Contractor is a bigger deal. Sharpton Painting has serviced middle TN consumers for 15 long years. We have the experience you need and the trust you MUST have. Sharpton Painting provides the best warranty on the market for exterior repaints and we take each job very seriously. The owner – Kevin Sharpton, is on each job throughout the project and each client matters. “If we want to stay the most successful painting company in Middle TN, I realize all clients both new and old must be and remain satisfied” – says Owner Kevin Sharpton.

We are not a jack of all trades - master of none. We are a master of ONE

Sharpton Painting is a full service, interior and exterior painting company; we are NOT a jack-of-all-trades. If you want your interior or exterior painting project completed right and on time you need to hire a professional painting company that is focused on just that. Why hire the same company you used to frame your house, install an HVAC system and lay down new tile to paint your walls? Don’t sacrifice the quality workmanship offered by a painting professional for the convenience of a handyman. Our main priority, our only focus, is providing you with professional full service interior and exterior painting. Painting is our passion and it is what we will always be doing – and we do it well. So trust us for all your painting needs, not your general contractor.

We are NOT a Franchise

One of the most common questions we have from our current and potential clients is whether or not we are a franchise company. We believe this is an important question to ask, and we are happy to explain why we are not a franchise. These are the three top reasons why Middle Tennessee consumers are not hiring franchise companies:

1) Lack of Ownership - when you hire a company that is franchise purchased, you may find many "hoops to jump through" when its comes to resolving a problem, since typically those companies have a corporate office located in another state.

2) Outsourced Work - many franchise companies outsource their work to others, which is a typical bait and switch move used by many franchise owned companies, also known as sub-contracting.

3) No prior experience from franchise owner - many franchise companies are purchased by a person or persons in a investment decision and only care for the profit to be made. This is dangerous since owner(s) place all trust on their employees, who are likely to cause many problems.

Owner Kevin Sharpton started Sharpton Painting Company in 2000 as a local, Middle Tennessee company. Kevin has no intentions to franchise this company nor will we ever outsource or sub contract. Kevin schedules all clients in such a way so that he has time with each and every project and client, and this will never change. Kevin is an experienced painter by trade, and has only hired employees who have many years of experience as well. Please look around our website to learn more about our Company, and feel free to call and ask any questions.

Sharpton Painting with "a fun fact": Why are we the most popular and successful painting company in middle Tennessee? There are many reasons and some of those reasons, our own trade secrets. A main reason is - if we want to stay the most successful painting company in middle TN, our clients must be and remain happy with our services. We love making people happy, but it also boils down to good basic business sense to do just that. Our continued strive for maintaining and creating more success, means that you will be provided the best service and lowest prices.